The Chiurazzi Law Group - Services


Litigation Practices

Our litigation practice encompasses virtually all forms of adversary proceedings, including jury and non-jury trials in state and federal courts, administrative hearings before state and federal agencies, and statutory AAA and common law arbitration hearings. The Litigation section is divided into the following groups:

Medical Malpractice:

Attorneys in this group defend patients rights involving malpractice on the part of physicians, hospitals and/or their agents.

Products Liability:

Attorneys in this group handle proceedings against manufacturers, distributors and/or retailers who engage in the sale and distribution of products that cause injury as the result of a defect in manufacturing and/or design.

General and Complex Litigation:

Attorneys in this group represent clients in all types of civil and criminal matters, including labor matters, business matters, estate matters, construction matters, civil rights litigation, contract actions, labor law, landlord/tenant, collection, defense and pursuit of recovery matters and employment cases.

Tort & Casualty:

Attorneys in this group have experience in handling all aspects of tort and casualty matters, automotive accidents, directors and officers, errors and omissions claims, contract claims, construction and property damage litigation.

Workers’ Compensation:

Attorneys in this group handle proceedings against self-insured employers, insurance companies and insured employers in all aspects of workers’ compensation cases.

Social Security Claims:

Attorneys in this group handle proceedings involving the claims related to obtaining social security benefits if an individual is unable to work.

Commercial Law

Our Commercial Practice

acts as counsel to a number of corporations, partnerships, associations and individual entrepreneurs on both a regional and national level. It is divided into the following groups:

General Commercial Law:

Attorneys in this group are experienced in the planning and formation of profit and non-profit corporations, preparation of supporting corporate documentation, continuing corporate advice, tax and non-tax aspects of corporate/shareholder relations, reorganizations, redemptions and liquidations, and stock purchase agreements. Our Commercial Law Group also handles the formation of general and limited partnerships and joint ventures, including tax planning, distributions and liquidations in connection with such entities.

Real Estate:

Attorneys in this group handle an array of residential and commercial real estate transactions. Attorneys represent either the buyer or seller in matters related to real estate transactions.

Estates and Trusts

Tax & Estate Planning:

Attorneys in this group provide legal advice in many areas, including general tax planning via the client’s accountant, purchase or sale of businesses, acquisition and financing of equipment or assets, preparation of employment agreements, and resolution of disputes. We prepare wills, trusts and other estate planning documents and advise clients in matters of inheritance and estate taxes, including buy and sell agreements, life insurance, trusts and other tax-savings available with proper estate planning. We assist executors and heirs in the integration and probate of wills and in the administration of decedents’ estates, guardianships, and trusts.